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Wise health planning includes a strategy as needs and risks change.  No reason to over pay or pre-pay for services never intending to render.  Take our questionnaire and see how low your costs can be.

We offer traditional Health Insurance plans and Medical Cost Sharing Membership Health Benefits for individuals, families and groups of 2 or more. 

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Health care has two basic components: day-to-day care (acute) and major medical (hospitalization).

Tradition Insurance combines the two parts; you may have a co-pay for acute care (clinic), and deductibles usually apply as well as using in-network providers and only predetermined treatment plans are covered.  Medical Cost Sharing(MCS) on the other hand, shares in major medical needs only (hospitalization) with NO network or treatment limitations because it is non-insurance. Therefore no CONTRACTS and you are free to choose the best providers and treatments for your situation wherever you are.  Now pair MCS with one of day-to-day care options listed below. If you rarely go to the doctor, why not pay-as-you-go or if you go often then seek a direct primary care provider for a FLAT monthly fee.  Custom built health care benefits per individual.

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Individual and Family Health Benefits

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DIY Quote Health Insurance 

We broker popular Minnesota carriers like United Health Care, UCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, Aetna Allina and more.

If you don’t qualify for income adjusted premiums, we found the most affordable insurance plans for individuals below click the link to quote your own plan.


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Group Health Benefits

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Learn how health benefits work for you, your family or your group through lunch and learns, on-site workshops or zoom meetings.

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Primary Care Providers

WHAT IS DIRECT PRIMARY CARE (DPC)?  A personal relationship with your doctor. A doctor that sees you through wellness and recovery without insurance interference.  Usually pay a monthly subscription for care throughout the year.  Less stress, better care and keep more of your money.

Independent Doctors and Clinics -

No Insurance, No Problem!  Clear and transparent pricing and exceptional service!  This is a good choice if you want a old fashion doctor relationship and pay as you go at a fair price.

Visit Southdale Physicians, Dr. Brown’s medical practice is unique in that he offers personalized healthcare on a fee-for-service basis without an annual fee.  services.

Visit the TheDrsHouse. Better-than-concierge medicine for adults.  Dr. Adepero Okulaja’s clinic has been designed to make her patients feel more like they are visiting a contemporary home vs. the stark look of many medical offices.

For Families - Visit Parkway Clinic.  One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a health care provider for you and your family.

PrimaCare Direct.   Subscription DPC  Flat monthly fee $75/ per person at your selected clinic.  Great for people with regular medical needs.

Your Doctor  My patients enjoy convenient office visits, personal communication via phone, e-mail, text, and much more. 

Bridge the GAP to Medicare


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AFFORDABLE health care is available you just don’t know about it yet!!

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