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Individual and Family Health Benefits

How often do you/family go to the Doctor in a year?

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Families, individuals and couples can strategize healthcare expenses not just picking a plan but having a plan when something goes wrong.  Most people do not understand their group health plan as it is, we can change that.

Group Health Benefits

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We specialize in small groups of two or three, and one -person group rates for self employed.  Perfect for real estate agents, insurance brokers, attorneys, CPAs, consultants, truck drivers and any other 1099 income work.

DIY Quote Health Insurance (off exchange)

We broker popular Minnesota carriers like United Health Care, UCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, Aetna Allina and more.

If you don’t qualify for income adjusted premiums, we found the most affordable insurance plans for individuals below click the link to quote your own plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Carrier at Lifestyle Advisors


Blue Cross Blue Shield paper application.


Healthcare Exchanges

The health insurance exchanges can offer premium tax credits for your state.  Otherwise off-exchange plans are available as well. We can show you all your options in addition to the exchange healthcare plans.  Need a SPECIAL ENROLLMENT event?

Shop Health Insurance.

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 Before you buy a Health insurance product check out;  Health Insurance RATING Review Link


10 Best Medical Cost Sharing plans.




Travel Insurance, Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness

These programs offer some protection to your pocketbook and give you piece of mind.  How can they be used in your strategy?

 Travel Medical Insurance
As of July 28, 2023 Short Term Medical Insurance is no longer offered in Minnesota

Bridge the GAP to Medicare


Retiring Before AGE 65 and need Health Care?

Spouse / family need Health Care benefits?


AFFORDABLE health care is available you just don’t know about it yet!!

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