Mission: Our mission is to help you, as a consumer of healthcare services and products, get the best value from the dollars you spend every month on premiums, co-pays, deductible, lab expenses, to prescription drug costs.

We want to educate you to be better a healthcare shopper and know all your available resources to save you money.

Traditional Health Insurance

Other Health Care Plans at Lifestyle Advisors

Individual Health Care Plans

For individual plans, we broker Minnesota carriers: UCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, Aetna Allina and more. With the links below you can run your own quote for HealthPartners or Preferred One and enroll if the cost value is right for you.

Want to compare your current healthcare plan? Contact us for a quote comparison.

Group Health Care Plans

Groups of 2 or more are eligible for group healthcare pricing with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, Preferred One, Healthpartners, and more. Download a census to get a quote from Minnesota best carriers.

Health Matching Account | Lifestyle Advisors

HMA - Health Matching Account

By becoming an HMA owner, individuals and families can secure lower, monthly health insurance premiums and reduce their overall, medical expenses substantially because their HMA medical savings account will have such a large portion of their deductibles and out-of-pocket, medical costs covered.

Other Insurance Options at Lifestyle Advisors

Dental Insurance

We offer comprehensive dental coverage through HealthPartners Dental, Ameritas and Delta Dental:

Prescription Medicine Plan

We can help you save money on medicine, whether it is a one time prescription or maintenance medicine for a chronic condition. We offer RX plans or pay cash and get a discount using GOODRX and other discount websites. Contact us for more options!

Other Insurance

Have insurance needs? We broker most Insurance carriers for:

  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Income – Short and Long Term
  • Supplemental and Ancillary
  • Long Term Care

DO-IT-Yourself Healthcare

Medical Cost Sharing

Guidelines of individuals: Click here to read


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Health Care Plans for self-employed, small (group) business, early to retire and COBRA replacement

Discover new options for day to day healthy care and acute illness. All these plans cover preventative “well person” checkups at no co-pay.

Click on any option below for more information on your preventative and day to day care plan:

Want a plan that allows you to contribute to an HSA – Health Savings Account? See MPowering Benefits Partially Self Directed Healthcare Plan. Choose your out of pocket amount for a major medical emergency, illness, injury, accident, diagnosis. See how it works and enroll by clicking MPowering Benefits.

Find Network Providers: Select PHCS Network and Search Preventative Services Only Physician Network

*MPowering benefits charges a onetime on-boarding fee and a small annual fee thereafter.

Shared Health Alliance Brochure

Copay plan is best for those that have chronic conditions or regularly see a primary care doctor.

Preventative (Catastrophic) Plan is for those that rarely go to doctors except the annual exams and want major medical coverage for a catastrophic event.

Network for day to day care and preventative services. Check your providers here: PHCS network

Redirect Health 24/7 Virtual Care – How it works: Click here to view

For more Health CareLogistics subscribe to Redirect on YouTube: Click here for video library

Sherpaa and 1800MD is included with both Shared Health Alliance (SHA) plans: Preventative and Premier. 1800MD is no cost in both plans.

For Sherpaa; No cost for the SHA Premier plan or $50 per virtual doctor visit with SHA Preventative plan.

When you are feeling ill or need to talk to a doctor, start here!

Please note: Sherpaa is for persons 18+. 1800MD is all ages.

Sedera Health is a medical cost sharing community, in which funds are contributed and shared between members with medical “Needs.” When health-conscious community members support each other’s Needs and make healthy choices, everyone wins. Members see major savings versus health insurance plans, achieving full peace of mind at a much lower cost. Outside of medical cost sharing, Sedera members have access to a full suite of innovative healthcare resources. OPEN ACCESS; Networks and treatment plans do not apply, see guidelines for details.

If you’re ready to think outside the box and become a savvy health care consumer your pocket book will thank you. Learn more and see if this program is a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

Medical Cost Sharing

Medical Cost Sharing for Employers

Groups of 5 or more may offer both ACA compliant healthcare coverage and medical cost sharing for major medical needs. Employers can choose a variety of affordable solutions: Preventative/acute care with Sedera major medical protection or preventative only or catastrophic (major medical) only. Employees may choose the options that best suit their needs. Employers need not contribute any dollars toward health care coverage for employees to be able to offer this plan. Below is the most popular group healthcare plan.

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