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Sedera Medical Cost Sharing community
fist of dollars
keep more of your money

Redirect Health employers plans
Flat monthly fee – ages 18-64

catastrophic coverage for young and healthy

OneShare Health

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Medical Cost Sharing

Apex Management Group

Provides insurance products for acute care. Add this to your cost sharing plan or because you want to have an HSA.

HSA eligible. Minimum Essential Coverage

Preventative visits: 1 per calendar year per family member, $0 co-pay.  Plan covers 100% of the cost for certain preventative health services delivered by your doctor or provider in your plans network.

PHCS Practitioner and Ancillary network

CO-pay plan for more help paying day to day medical expenses.

Includes everything in the MEC plan plus co-pay office visits, specialists, urgent care, labs and imaging. Plan includes a formulary and other discount services.

ADD-ONs to your Medical Cost Sharing plan.

APEX High Deductible is HSA eligible
small employer health plans
starting at one employee

Wow Health for everyone

Starting at $30 at month. Great add-on to any plan or stand alone.

Anyone can sign up for these plans. Brochure

MPowering Benefits


Medi-Share Carrier at Lifestyle Advisors

Christian Health Care

Christian Healhcare Ministries