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Have you had enough of insurance plans limitations and expense? Look here for other options to mitigate health risks and Avoid the 'system' with freedom to choose treatments and providers.



Apex Apex Management offers ADD-ONs to your membership health plan.

HSA eligible. Minimum Essential Coverage

Preventative visits: 1 per calendar year per family member, $0 co-pay.  Plan covers 100% of the cost for certain preventative health services delivered by your doctor or provider in your plans network.

PHCS Practitioner and Ancillary network

CO-pay plan for more help paying day to day medical expenses.

Includes everything in the MEC plan plus co-pay office visits, specialists, urgent care, labs and imaging. Plan includes a formulary and other discount services.


Sedera Access  Learn more  

Sharing is Saving – Medical Cost Sharing is a surprisingly affordable non-insurance solution to manage large healthcare costs. Unlike other options, this approach is centered entirely around people helping people. Our Members share one another’s medical burdens and shop for the best care at the best price. In doing so, we support one another’s physical and financial health.  Membership GUIDELINES

Low Monthly Cost – Monthly Costs start as low as $106 for an individual Member.
Go Anywhere – There’s no such thing as “out-of-network” with Sedera. We go where you go.
Member Advisors – Our expert advisors will help you navigate the complex world of medical care.
Price Transparency – Always know your out-of-pocket costs before you receive care.
Out-of-Pocket Limits – Need-related costs are capped after 3 medical needs for an individual (5 for a family) in a 12-month period.
Expert 2nd Opinions – Get 2nd opinions on surgeries and new diagnoses from some of the world’s top doctors.


Medi-Share Carrier at Lifestyle Advisors

Learn more Medi-Share is an innovative health care solution for Christians looking to save money without sacrificing on quality. As the nation’s largest health care sharing community, Medi-Share members take comfort in knowing their eligible medical expenses will be shared by their community.  Statement-of-faith     Enrollment    Guidelines     PHCS Network   Exemption




Zion Health – Direct membership – Major Medical Only  Learn more

Zion Health Direct Members enjoy all the amazing sharing features of the Zion Health community plus the four extra features below.  

NETWORK  Access to the PHCS/Multiplan national network of providers.  You can still work with any provider but now gain pre-negotiated costs savings and simplicity using this nationwide PPO network.
PREVENTIVE  Annual wellness visits are available for sharing immediately upon membership activation. Immunizations, colonoscopies, and mammograms are shared after six months of membership. Preventive services use PPO PHCS network or select providers.  *Preventive care does not require a member to meet their HealthShare IUA.  (Brochure)
RX SHARE  All members of Zion Health have access to discounted prescriptions. Simply use the info from the downloadable ID card below when you order or pick up prescriptions to receive your discount. Learn More about RX Share  (Brochure)

Zion Health Share

Members have the freedom to work with any provider without network restrictions. We do not have annual or lifetime sharing maximums. We share into acute medical costs incurred outside the United States.



Christian Healhcare Ministries

CHM is the alternative to insurance that gives you freedom over your healthcare decisions. CHM is a faith-based alternative to health insurance. It’s a membership-based, nonprofit ministry. As part of a biblical covenant, CHM members step in and help fellow brothers and sisters in Christ pay eligible medical bills according to the CHM Guidelines.

What is a concierge fee?
Concierge medicine, also known as retainer medicine, is a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer.
Primary Care Providers and Doctors

WHAT IS DIRECT PRIMARY CARE (DPC)?  A personal relationship with your doctor. A doctor that sees you through wellness and recovery without insurance interference.  Usually pay a monthly subscription for care throughout the year.  Less stress, better care that supports local providers and health freedom. Minnesota PrimaCare Direct is subscription service.

Florida Independent Doctors directory – out-of-network providers

Looking for Independent Doctors and Clinics ?

We can help you identify your needs and budget.  There are many options to consider for health, wellness, treatment and care.

What do you want for yourself and family?

What is an allopathic medicine?
Allopathic medicine is the general term for what most people understand as modern, Western medicine. The allopathic medicine definition describes it as a method of treating disease with remedies (such as surgery or drugs) that produce different effects from those caused by the disease.Sep 14, 2021


Determine what you want to pay for and finding a health plan will be a lot easier.



$19.99 a month Membership Includes;

Virtual urgent care visits - Unlimited

Mental Health Counseling - Unlimited

Medications - Top 400 medications FREE

Our Mission as a Health Care Sharing Ministry, is to help Christians share each other's medical expenses by providing affordable sharing programs which align with their beliefs. With origins in the Anabaptist faith and a chaplain on staff, we welcome and unite those who agree with our core biblical principles and Statements of Beliefs relating to life, health, and caring for others.

As an ACA-exempt path to health care, OneShare Health offers affordable and flexible medical Sharing Programs. With industry-leading Membership Programs and an unparalleled Member experience, OneShare Health continues to grow our health care sharing Family in most major markets across the country.

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