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Procedure Price lookup.  This is the allowable amount Medicare insurance will pay for a procedure.

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Medical Cost Sharing Worksheet. MCS Education 2023

Health Needs Assessment  PDF

 Medicare-Education worksheet

No Insurance, No Problem, Pay as you-Go  or Shop your insurance benefits here!

Need a Lab?  Try for most or all your blood/urine testing.

Results can be sent you and the physician.  Shop Labs at your doctor's office!


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GoodRx logo WEBSITE

Blink Health RX look up for the best price.


Mark Cuban Pharmacy

Patient Assistance HERE 

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TheWedge  - Find local Independent Doctors

PHCS  - non-insurance Network

SEDERA Referral Map   -  Find independent providers nationwide.

WOW Health Solutions  -  Provider Exchange


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MNSure  Assister ID  5503492

Federal Marketplace HealthSherpa


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Delta Dental (
Careington Dental Savings

HealthPartners Dental

Ameritas Dental/Vision


DIY Health

i’m pretty sure the pharma companies don’t want this getting out, simply because it is basic human biology versus mad man concoctions that have patents, below are natural substances for life you should do at home.

Chlorine Dioxide Truth

e-book Simple Molecular Medicine

Free video e-book TUA-Beginner-Series-Training-Guidebook-Final.pdf – Google Drive

The Universal Antidote – The Science and Story of Chlorine Dioxide

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Chlorine Dioxide

Niacin The Real Story Learn about the Wonderful Healing Properties

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