Bio-Waters and Music

In fluid realms where molecules dance,Infinite arrangements, a graceful trance,Water, the muse of formless grace,Bends and molds in its aqueous space. In a cup it curves, obedient and mild,Embracing the vessel like a humble child.It yields to the mold, a shape it assumes,Adapting, conforming, as the container looms. Yet in the wild, its spirit runs […]

Stone Buster email

Please forgive the format. Subscribe to our newsletter HealthStyle Today for best appearance. Good thing is all the content is there.;-) All the best! *|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* View this email in your browser Look familiar?? KIDNEY STONES, OR RENAL CALCULI, ARE SOLID MASSES MADE OF CRYSTALS. They can develop anywhere along your urinary track, which consists […]

Homeopathy Cures

It may take some time to regain your health, but consider how many years it took you to finally wear it down. Now, you turn to your insurance plan covered doctor, and the doctor recommends a prescription to try to calm the symptoms. You try the prescription and it helps the symptoms but more problems […]