HealthStyle Today JULY 2022


This month we look into a very common medical practice called ‘Istrogenesis’.

Over the years i have come across a few clients that exclaim it was the XXX medicine that gave my husband diabetes or i just recently heard of a person having had a ‘botched’ surgery and is now suffering even worse complications.  You may want to think thrice before considering such invasive measures and the possible adverse outcomes.  i would venture to guess the chance of an improvement is not as common as you think it should be under these ‘procedures’ and medicines.  For this reason, i practice my own self care and health maintenance.  A gym membership is essential to recovering strength and optimizing metabolism.  Clean water and good real seasonal whole food as often as possible.  Read more here on what you can do to help yourself and others recover better health simply.

Remember Truth is SIMPLE.   John 8:32 and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


God Bless and Make it a Great Day!