Hey! do you know someone that makes frequent doctor visits or has a chronic medical condition that requires in-person physician management?  if so, please keep reading.

Did you know there is a medical services subscription plan offered by independent clinics around the twin cities, and as far north as Moose Lake for a flat monthly fee of $75.   This plan is good for any man, woman and child (in Minnesota) that experiences frequent out-of-pocket primary care expenses,  Consider pairing this with a high deductible employer plan or use this as the bare minimum of coverage for prevention. Please note: major medical / hospitalization not included.

Take a look at the services included for that FLAT RATE.  PrimaCare-Direct-Covered-Service-List-2021.pdf

Visit their website and see if this is good for saving money in your situation.

Learn more here  PrimaCareDirect.com